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Settlement planning is a comprehensive approach to helping plaintiffs and their attorneys move through the financial transition resulting from a major life event. Planning settlements, like planning financial decisions, must be done with patience, empathy, experience, and the ability to educate. This is important, as a settlement can be a vastly important part of someone’s life. If you have any settlement concerns, then a Structured Settlement Consultant like Jennifer Cantrell can help you meet your needs. However, one might ask: just how are we supposed to look for Structured Settlement Consultants?

In order to answer this question, we may have to understand that hiring a consultant is almost like hiring someone to be a “partner” of sorts, but in this case, he or she would assist you with a settlement. This is important as this is going to be someone you need to trust. So what should we look for in a settlement consultant?

Certification: Perhaps the most important factor in looking for a settlement consultant is their certification. You have to check his or her credentials, documents, and even references to know that your finances are in good hands. It can be meticulous and it can take time, but like your finances, a settlement consultant is also an investment.

Understanding: Your Settlement Consultant should be able to take note of your needs and goals by asking the right questions, understand that they must teach you in order to make informed decisions, and develop recommended strategies to help you get the best out of your situation.

Knowledgeable: You must also make sure that your Settlement Consultant is familiar with the kind of settlement you want to take. A Settlement Consultant must be able to demonstrate expertise of the legal environment as it relates to the planning for the needs of personal injury victims and their families.

A Structured Settlement Consultant at Cantrell Consulting is all that, and more. Here at Cantrell Consulting, when we work with a law firm or specific attorneys, we allow them to make the decision on how they want to work with their clients. It’s important to remember that some of them prefer to settle the case and put settlement consultants in touch with their clients and meet their clients.

We understand this, as attorneys may not have much time to interact with their clients. Some attorneys may hesitate relying on consultants, especially if they have been dealing with clients for years, but rest assured we will provide the best service as your line of communication with your client.

Settlement Consultants have to warm up to clients and not pressure them. We listen to what our clients need and try to do what they ask us to do, and we especially try our best to guide them to the right direction. We have a special brand of soft approach and will always listen to our clients.

Early on in the case, we collect information and records in order to bolster trust and work through the whole process with our clients. This is extended through the entire mediation process, as we also advise our clients on what they could do to secure a more comfortable future.

Contact Jennifer Cantrell at Cantrell Consulting now. The future matters for us, and we’ll make sure you’re in the right hands.