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A structured settlement consultant helps clients navigate the entire settlement process. Your client needs a payout plan that suits their needs, wants, and budget. At Cantrell Consulting, the client is in the driver’s seat. Jennifer Cantrell is here to help guide clients in the best direction for their unique situation.

We will begin the process by reviewing all of the client’s options. Depending on the unique situation, there are different things to take into consideration before making a final decision.

At Cantrell Consulting, we sit down and talk about what the client needs their settlement to do for them, and also what they expect the settlement to do for them. Our needs and wants assessment determine what we need to do to meet those needs. In an ideal world, all settlements will take care of clients far into the future, perhaps even for the rest of their lives.

Our work coincides with the work of other attorneys and experts in Structured Settlements, Special Needs Trusts, Settlement Protection Trusts, and more. While many attorneys think about using a settlement consultant when they have a minor child case, adults may also need Structured Settlements or trusts just as much as anyone else.

Throughout the exploration process, we educate clients of the benefits of Structured Settlements, Asset Protection benefits, and tax benefits of different options. We also provide a proprietary product through our parent company and IFS where you can structure into an investment account. Our team uses rated ages and cost of living adjustments to make sure our plans will help not just at the time of the agreement, but for years to come.

Our Services

Attorney Fee Structure

The process for structuring attorney legal fees is not unlike structuring a client’s settlement. The most important part of this process is following tax principles and rules. Following these regulations will protect the tax benefits of any arrangement. If you’re considering creating a fee structure for your practice, click here to learn more about your options.

Medicare Set-Asides

Also known as MSA, a Medicare Set-Aside Account protects the client’s eligibility for Medicare. If the client is currently a Medicare beneficiary or will be within 30 months, it is important to consider an MSA to maintain Medicare interests. Medicare Set-Asides are common in personal injury and workers compensation cases. Click here to learn more about MSA accounts.

Settlement Protection Trusts

A Settlement Protection Trust gives a trustee access to funds from a settlement on behalf of the client for health, maintenance, education, and additional support. These types of trusts are most common for cases with minors and cases with adults who are incompetent. Click here to learn more about establishing a Settlement Protection Trust.

Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts ensure the security of a disabled client or a client’s disabled dependents. This includes support in the form of assets, benefits, and overall well-being. These trusts can be used in addition to government benefits. Click here to learn more about Special Needs Trusts.

Structured Settlements

A Structured Settlement is any settlement that is not paid in a lump sum, rather is paid over time as future periodic payments. There are different tax rules and regulations that might make a structured settlement the best financial choice for the client. Click here to learn more about Structured Settlements.

Structured Settlements for Minor Children

In the case of an accident or tragedy involving a minor child, (in most states), the court is obligated, by law, to protect the child’s interests and all funds obtained in the child’s settlement agreement. For a child’s settlement fund, there are three basic options: a guardianship account, a trust, or a structured settlement annuity. Learn more about- Structured Settlements with minor children by clicking here.

Are you unsure which option is best for your client? Contact Cantrell Consulting today to discuss your options.